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Dead Sea Ormus  

The Dead Sea Ormus is one among the high nutrient salts found in the Dead Sea. Actually, the source and origin of Ormus is the salt from the Dead Sea. These salts originate from the mighty river Jordan and other small streams.  

The Dead Sea has unprecedented minerals and salts with the Dead Sea Ormus being one of the most useful for our brains and health.  

Someone called Don Nance, experimented and found that the dried sea precipitate contains over 36 percent of Dead Sea Ormus. His demonstration was based on a professional assay that he made available for the Ormus community. 

Dead Sea contains numerous amounts of salts, with sodium chloride being the highest. Ideally, we have searched the entire world for proper combinations that will give you Dead Sea Ormus.  


The ormus from the Dead Sea is incredible and amazing and you can obtain it from the wet precipitate. The ormus is a combination of great mineral rich salts which is blended together through various ways to achieve the best results.  



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